Making a mPact,
One Mask at a Time

mPact Mask is designed to start the revolution against microbial contamination. Thanks to its Nano Fiber Technology, it helps protect everyone against coronavirus, molds, and bacteria. All our mPact Masks are 99+% effective and comfy to wear with goggles or glasses, without the fog.

mPact AIR

The world's premier breathable mask, with Nano Fiber Technology built-in that will not fog up your glasses!

It helps protect everyone including the immunocompromised against allergies, molds, bacteria, and even colds, the flu, and coronavirus.

During times of higher air contamination such as in the presence of bonfires, it helps keep your lungs and immune system safe

Air pollution from wildfires has become a major concern. mPact mask have a core density that protects against these microscopic particles.  It meets and exceeds ASTM International standards.

Mask Up.
Virus Down.

3-Pack mPact Air Breathable Mask - Adult (M/L)

Single mPact Air Breathable Mask - Youth(S)

Single mPact Air Breathable Mask - Adult M/L

People Asked. We Answered!

Here are the most common questions about our mPact Mask


mPact Mask is made to prevent infection from airborne contaminants and viruses. On the other hand, hospital medical-grade masks protect against viruses and bodily fluids such as blood splatter and vomit. Additionally, unlike paper-based masks, our masks can be frequently cleaned and reused.


We've observed masks lasting for months thanks to their high-quality construction. But, we recommend replacing them every 90 to 120 days with daily wear and proper cleaning to ensure optimal performance. That's why we're launching a subscription service to meet this demand and to make it easier to refresh your supply.


We recommend using mild soap through hand wash only. Remember not to wring out or squeeze. Another way is to spray or soak it in rubbing alcohol and let it air dry.


mPact Mask is not a "mesh" mask. We proudly made it with Nano Fiber Technology, a dense, multi-filtered nanofiber web that won’t fog glasses, making it a one-of-a-kind mask.


Yes its protective nanofiber design is a life saver during allergy season. Just remember to wash it to maximize its effectiveness and to remove pollen spores.

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