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Please, please check these out!!! Amazing protection!! Amazing breathability!! I’ve been wearing and hating masks for 40+ years but this one is THE MASK!!!! Also, great company and great customer service!!! LOVE THEM!!

- Jaimie

Just got my masks!! They are soooo perfect I had to come back right away for 2 more!!!! I am immunosuppressed and have to wear a mask always but all of them have been literal hell to wear. I put thus on and NIRVANA!!!! Just reassure me that it stops covid ..flu..colds etc and I will start spreading the word! Thank you!! Your easy breathing friend.

- Archer

My husband and I have prevented getting COVID and other respiratory diseases for the last couple of years by wearing your masks exclusively. I first heard about them a year or so into the pandemic. We'd been looking for breathable masks and yours came up in a search. I ordered a few to start and more later, because they were hands down the best we'd tried. Breathable and comfortable and EFFECTIVE! Ordered more today, because we still do not go out without the masks, and we want to make sure we always have them. Our others have been washed and worn repeatedly for a couple of years now and are still holding up well, but I wanted to be sure we had some spares in case.

- Debra Alexander

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